Dreamlight High School


Independent Recruiter

An independent recruiter is a person who works on contract, whenever he wants. But he/she has 24 hours to report all students who are registered within the day. A recruiter can use the right method to get a lot of people. We cannot make a check for you if you do not recruit students. However, if you were hired by Dreamlight we are able to provide a letter of employment of verification as needed. As an institution, we do not encourage any recruiter to enter a student’s home if there are no other people in the home than the prospective student lives. We want it like this to protect the reputation of the institution, the recruiter, and along with the students. Therefore a recruiter has a prestigious responsibility to help students understand the program and help them to select any specific courses they can take from our program.

Becoming a high school recruiter also involves many responsibilities and skills outside of working with students directly. Learning more about becoming a high school recruiter can help the candidates to decide if this is the right job path for them. In terms of salary an independent recruiter can make more than 60,000.00 per year. As a matter of fact, Dreamlight High School is an institution that allows each person to put extra money every day in their pocket without limit. Nevertheless, this position does not require any higher education but the recruiter must be able to understand the duty of a recruiter above and beyond the fact. Just take a few minutes to visit the website: www.dreamlighthighschool.com for more details to get familiar with the site.

Furthermore, Dreamlight High School, we do not limit any recruiter to earn the amount of money they desire every day. I worked as a recruiter for 15 years in a private high school in central Florida after I graduated from college. It wasn’t bad at all because they treated me well as a successful recruiter. I know this job very well; though, I have learned a lot from that position until I decided to build Dreamlight high school. Any recruiter that makes more than $500.00 per year must receive a W-9 form. I encourage all future candidates who are coming to work for Dreamlight to know that if they don’t work, they won’t receive a check.

Application for Employment