Dreamlight High School

9th Grade Course

English 9

Grammar, composition, vocabulary, spelling, poetry, and literature

Algebra 1

Linear equations; algebraic numbers; graphs; formulas; fundamental operations; special products and factoring; fractions; ratio, proportion, and variation; linear systems of equations; powers and roots; exponents and radicals; quadratic equations.

World Geography

Study of seven continents with physical and political maps, current events.


Nutrition, personal hygiene, body systems, mental health, first aid, disease prevention, drug abuse, right relationships, spiritual growth.

Physical Science

Meteorology, oceanography, chemistry, geology, physics, lab demonstrations, science project.

Hebrew History: Kings of Israel

Bible study series with memory verses.

Physical Education 1

Daily workout in either walking, running/stationary running, cycling/stationary cycling, swimming, basketball, soccer, aerobics, or jump roping.