Dreamlight High School

Dual enrollment

We partner with University of South Florida

Dual Enrollment: Dreamlight High School partners with colleges and universities.

Dual enrollment is a program that allows students to take college-level courses while still in high school. Dreamlight High School is always looking for great partners who can help its students get all the education possible to succeed. We partner with University of South Florida that facilitates all our students who qualify to advance with their studies for free. Keep in mind, students must maintain a great grade point average (GPA) and must be 18 years old or under otherwise. In short, Dual Enrollment means that students can earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, getting a head start on their higher education. Ask Dreamlight admissions about dual enrollment to know which students are eligible for this program? 

Dual Enrollment programs can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Early exposure to college-level coursework
  2. Opportunity to explore potential college majors or career paths
  3. Reduced college costs by earning credits in high school
  4. Increased challenge and rigor in the high school curriculum
  5. A head start on earning college credits, potentially allowing for early graduation or a lighter course load in college