Dreamlight High School

11th Grade Course

English 11

Grammar; composition; vocabulary; spelling; poetry; American literature, complete novel: The Scarlet Letter.

Plane Geometry

Rectilinear figures, circle, proportions, similar polygons, surface polygons, regular polygons and circles, solutions of right triangles by means of ratios.

U.S. History

Includes discovery of America, birth of nation, growing as a nation, American character, expansion and conflict, age of industry, world wars, depression, and present day, current events.


Basic concepts; stoichiometry; elements, compounds, chemical reactions; gases; chemical thermodynamics; light, electrons, and atomic structure; periodic table; chemical bonds and intermolecular forces; selected nonmetals; selected metals and semimetals; solutions and colloids; chemical kinetics; chemical equilibrium; acids, bases, and salts; ionic equilibrium in solution; oxidation-reduction reactions; electrochemistry; nuclear and organic chemistry; weekly laboratory studies; science research project.

New Testament: Jesus and His Followers

Bible study of the Gospels with memory verses.

Life Management

How to live successfully in a contemporary world: learning to deal with relationships, safety, sex, drugs, job success, responsibilities, preparation for marriage; with Bible memory verses.

Spanish 1

Pronunciation, word formation, verse memorization as a witnessing tool, grammar, vocabulary, application.