Dreamlight High School


Dreamlight High School offers a tutoring program to assist all students in not only passing subjects and exams but also preparing them for success in life.


Dreamlight High School (DLHS) is a nonprofit Adult High School dedicated to helping students in the city of Apopka, Florida, and around the world succeed in life. We offer a tutoring program to help all students prepare to not only pass a subject or an exam but also prepare them to succeed in life. By definition, a tutor is a person who has a good understanding of a subject and wants to share his knowledge with others. A good tutor does not know everything but has a good handle on the subject and knows enough to find the answer to questions they do not know. Dreamlight offers this service to students who not only need a credit recovery course but those wanting to increase their future knowledge. Dreamlight pledges to help students in different subject areas. However, our main focus is English and Mathematics.

Importantly, we can follow the same program a student currently has in place from another school. Thus, we offer this kind of service to all students in the area even if they are not attending Dreamlight. We invite you to join us! We have a great team that can help advance your knowledge. This program will be offered twice a week and students will have the opportunity to get online assistance 24/7. We want all students to know that we will not leave them without the proper help. Actively, we are currently helping students from the beginning until they understand the course. We always offer all students excellent service from start to finish. Therefore, if you don’t want to receive help from virtual learning, we will use the closest library to meet in person at your convenience to address your needs accordingly. As mentioned before, this program will benefit all students who are currently in our school as well as those not enrolled in our school. Students, give us a chance to work together to foster your academic achievements. Dreamlight understands that tutoring someone is not an easy task, but we are here to fulfill a service we have been called to accomplish.

“Many people think that if one has knowledge of the subject matter, it makes him/her a tutor. This is far from the truth. Tutoring is not easy. It requires formal schooling on how to do it in a way that is not enabling the student but teaches the student how to learn on his or her own. As mentioned above, knowledge of the subject is not enough. I find it fascinating that good tutors are often communication majors or film majors. They stick to the Socratic method of tutoring and find great pleasure in tutoring and consider tutoring as an art. It surely is an art, which requires a lot of practice (Halina Goetz, February 15, 2016).

Furthermore, a researcher stated that “A truly successful tutor can make learning real, relevant and rigorous. Such tutors are experts in their academic content — they know the subject’s concepts, ideas and problems inside out” (Seth Linden, October 11, 2013). As a matter of fact, many researchers noticed that “tutoring can be hugely beneficial for students of all ages across a wide range of subjects. Unfortunately, there are many young people (and their parents) who sometimes overlook the benefits of tutoring, assuming that the same positive outcomes can be achieved through classroom instruction, purchasing test prep books, or simply doing extra homework. In reality, though, it is nearly impossible to replicate the benefits of tutoring without its most crucial component: the tutor! While tutoring can significantly help younger students, it can arguably have an even greater impact on high school students who are in the process of making important decisions about college applications. Tutors can be genuinely transformative by helping to improve academic grades, build critical thinking skills, and increase familiarity with such standardized tests as the SAT and ACT.”

Why Dreamlight High School focuses on English and Math for most in its programs? “Simply put, you can’t go a day without using Maths and English in some way, shape or form. This might be hard to believe initially, but we assure you, from composing a text message to checking the next arrival on a bus timetable, you use Maths and English skills more than you realize. Despite being such valuable skills, the issue with the nation’s lack of numeracy and literacy abilities is well documented. In fact, recent studies have shown that 9 million adults have low literacy or numeracy across England, and there has been more than a 60% drop in the number of adults completing English and Math studies since 2012.” https://www.learndirect.com/
Indeed, Dreamlight does not want students to get involved in the tutoring just for fun, rather the goal is to provide a good service that will help them to strengthen their weaknesses. We have excellent tutors who not only know how to solve problems, but they can make the students understand a subject, complete a subject, and love a subject for the rest of their life.


“We use Abeka materials but we try our best to work with all students accordingly based on their assigned work from their school. However, “Students enjoy Abeka’s variety in covering multiple branches of mathematics—arithmetic, geometry, algebra, etc.—each year on an age-appropriate level. At the same time, they benefit from the spiral approach of revisiting and building upon the learning throughout each year and from one year to the next. The learning is both relevant for today and foundational for the future, with each course purposefully preparing students for the next.”
Abeka Curriculum


“Dreamlight is going to use Abeka materials for all its classes; indeed, we must follow their curriculum accordingly. “Because thought and language form the foundation of learning and communication, teaching grammar, spelling, vocabulary, composition, and literature is vitally important. Abeka presents language in a structure in which students develop orderliness, reasoning, and logic. Students will benefit from Abeka’s commitment to an emphasis on reliable grammatical and literary structure that prepares them for analysis and practice.”
Abeka Curriculum