Dreamlight High School


Dreamlight High School offers a tutoring program to assist all students in not only passing subjects and exams but also preparing them for success in life.


Dreamlight High School (DLHS) is a nonprofit Adult High School dedicated to helping students in the city of Apopka, Florida that offers virtual learning tutoring or onsite service. A tutor is a person who has a good understanding of a subject and wants to share his knowledge with others. As a matter of fact, a good tutor does not knowledge on everything but he/she has a good handle on the subjects and knows enough to find the answer to questions students do not know.

Dreamlight offers this service to students who not only need a credit recovery course but those wanting to increase their future knowledge in some particular subjects. This Tutoring program will provide individualized support, allowing students to progress and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Indeed, Dreamlight Tutoring program can help students in several ways to achieve their goals:

  1. Provides one-on-one attention, allowing students to ask questions and receive tailored guidance.
  2. Tutors can identify and address specific areas where a student needs improvement.
  3. Individualized support can boost a student’s confidence and motivation.
  4. Tutors can help students grasp complex concepts and solidify their understanding.
  5. Tutors can assist students with test preparation and teach them strategies for success.
  6. Tutoring can teach students skills, time management, and organization techniques.
  7. Tutors are able to adapt their approach to match a student’s individual learning style.
  8. Tutors will empower students to take ownership of their learning in a short period of time.