Dreamlight High School

10th Grade Course

English 10

Grammar; composition; vocabulary; spelling; poetry; world literature, literary terms, complete novel: Silas Marner; complete play: Julius Caesar.

Algebra 2

Factoring; fractions; linear equations in one variable; coordinate geometry; variations and dependence; systems of equations; powers and roots; exponents, radicals, and imaginary numbers; quadratic and higher equations; logarithmic and exponential functions; numerical trigonometry; statistics and probability.

World History

Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle Ages, the Reformation Era, the Age of Ideas, the twentieth century, current events.


Botany; human anatomy and physiology; zoology; cellular and molecular biology; laboratory work: dissections, microscopy; field studies; nutrition; cellular biology; and science research project.

Bible Doctrines

Study series on Bible doctrines with memory verses

Spanish 1

Pronunciation, word formation, verse memorization as a witnessing tool, grammar, vocabulary, application.