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Why should students choose virtual learning?

There are two major reasons to be considered when choosing Virtual Learning over instruction in a traditional classroom such as convenience and flexibility.

1. Convenience

Students don’t have to travel to take a virtual course – they are accessible from anywhere. This can make their learning experience more convenient and easier to fit into their life. Turning on their computer and accessing the internet can be a much simpler and quicker process than driving to a facility and setting up in a classroom.

2. Flexibility

Since virtual learning is more flexible than in-person, you gain more control over your learning environment. The time they save not having to travel to/from classes frees up their time to balance both study and other responsibilities. Frankly speaking, students can work through the course material in a more comfortable and secure environment. For instance, the flexibility of virtual learning makes it an appropriate choice for full-time workers who would like to continue their education or cannot attend in-person classes. A busy parent could be another example that opt students to choose virtual learning.

Dreamlight staff dedicate themselves to accompany students from scratch to finish. Many people did not continue their education in the past because of their static schedules. With the aid of the internet, we have the privilege to offer virtual learning adult programs. As a matter of fact, a Virtual Learning environment is also a good choice for people who enjoy self-learning. Some students do not want to leave their home or they cannot come to class. Furthermore, some virtual learning options have classes to attend at scheduled times, while others allow themselves to learn at their own pace. With this self-paced option, they have a lot of autonomy with the intensity and overall cadence of their learning while still enjoying the benefits of guided lessons. Indeed, if students want to explore our adult high school program without committing to an in-person class; Dreamlight High School can assist you from above and beyond to help you earning your diploma.

There are a few major points below to consider when choosing virtual learning:

A. Confidence in your ability to use the required technology for the program

If students are already comfortable with technology, they’ll likely be able to easily pivot to a virtual learning environment.

B. Discipline

Since students will be fully accountable for themselves in a virtual learning environment, they’ll have to be disciplined when studying, participating in discussions, and managing their time.

C. Excellent time management skills

Setting aside ample time in their schedule to study and participate in their class will help them succeed in their course. One helpful tip is to carve out the same time every day to complete their studies. For example, if students have a class that meets twice weekly, add in two days a week where they devote one hour to studying or prepping work for it. When it becomes a routine, you’d be amazed at how efficient they can be.

D. Self-discipline

Students need to have self-discipline for virtual learning; though their environment can have a big impact on their mindset, and sitting in a classroom trains their brain to be in learning mode. If they opt for virtual learning, it helps to get away from distractions and focus on their studies. For some, it helps to have a dedicated spot, or rotation of places, that they use exclusively for learning. By nature, virtual learning is online, which means it's often convenient, flexible, and affordable. There’s also the option to either enroll fully online or to take part of the class online and in person. Virtual learning is also a very environmentally friendly learning option, since students aren’t required to commute for class and there’s very little paper waste throughout the semester. Students must have a good sense of self-motivation or know where to go for help. Virtual learning can require learning new programs for both students and teachers. In this case, Dreamlight has everything in place to assist all students; though, if students have difficulty to participate in our online courses, we will provide another alternative for them to continue their course. We make sure that students have pre-recorded lectures that can watch on their own time and have hard copies of all assignments prior.