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With finals right around the corner, it is important that students take steps to ensure that they are properly prepared. The fact is that final exams are not just any test, as they are meant to assess your understanding of materials covered throughout the semester. Furthermore, these exams are often heavily weighted and can mean the difference between having a C and an A on your transcripts.

For many students, the high stakes nature of final exams can make it easy for them to become overwhelmed and unsure of how they can prepare for the big day. However, taking the time to properly prepare for exam day is critical in order to ensure your success. As finals approach, here is a look at a few steps that you can take to ensure you are prepared when the big day arrives.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When preparing for final exams, never be afraid to go to your teachers for extra help. Many students fear asking for additional guidance out of fear that this will make them look inferior; however, this actually shows your dedication to success. In fact, teachers are more than willing to help if you have questions. Thusly, if there is anything in the material from the semester that you are confused by, or if you could simply use some advice on preparing for the exam, make a point of talking to your teacher in the weeks leading up to exams.

Start Studying Early for Final Exams

A big mistake students make when preparing for final exams is waiting until the night before to study. However, trying to cram the night before a test does not work for most people. This does not give you enough time to absorb all of the material. The best way to ensure that you are able to study effectively is to start studying as early as possible, at least a few weeks before finals. This allows you to break up your studying so that you truly retain the information you are going over and feel confident about the material when your exams arrive.

Try to make a study schedule for yourself, as going over your notes, and studying the material, for 60-90 minutes each day in the weeks leading up to exams will help ensure that you feel prepared when finals arrive.

Form a Study Group

Study groups can be effective in helping you to retain the material when preparing for final exams. Forming a study group helps you stick to your study schedule and maintains accountability. Additionally, study groups can be helpful as they allow you to compare notes, ask each other questions, and discuss difficult concepts with others. Participating in study groups can be instrumental in helping you to feel confident when the final exam day arrives.

Make Sure You Get Plenty of Sleep

Making sure that you take time to care for yourself is important. While studying is important, you don’t want to let it interfere with healthy self-care such as eating and sleeping. Though you may be tempted to stay up late studying, this is one of the worst things to do. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep will ensure that you are able to engage with the materials.

Learn More About Preparing for Final Exams

For many students, there is a lot of anxiety and anticipation that comes with final exams. This is frustrating if a student feels unprepared because they did not receive individualized care. At The Tenney School, we understand how important a personalized approach to education can be. Thus, our primary method of instruction is one-to-one classrooms. This helps to ensure that each student gets the guidance and support they need.