Dreamlight High School


Being an immigrant does not mean that you lose all the chances you had when you lived in your country. On the contrary, you should immigrate to a country where you will find better opportunities than your native country. Many people suffer because they used to occupy a huge position in their country because they immigrated to another foreign country and they think they lost all their chances. No, it is not so true. I believe it is not the case. You can lose all chances if you refuse to follow the rules of the country you immigrated to. We all think that when we live in a foreign country, we only came to make money and return home. I agree with you too, but it is not the true reality for everyone. Living in another country is to contribute to that country as well; so that you can grow like someone who was born in that country. On the other hand, if you don’t follow their system, they have in place for their people your life might be miserable. Wouldn’t you want to come and live in another country without goals? I invite all immigrants not to waste your time. Do not give the companies you are working for all your energy without receiving anything back from them. How can we get something back from the company you’re currently working for? Do we need a valuable person for the company? You have to commute by yourself to learn at first their language, rules, and so forth. Sometimes they call you a good employee when they can’t find the best one. You have to do something better with the rest of your life. Stop right here, you need a standard high school diploma to start your life. Here is my suggestion to all Immigrants; always learn the hardest trades/professions that will give you a better chance to have an outstanding position. Keep in mind, if everyone can do your job, you must train from something else to make yourself valuable, even different for the company otherwise. Let’s all learn the language of the country where we are currently living so that we can be an important person in the community.

Dr. Stephen Loremy